2013 SAPA Workshop

First Nations, Métis and Archaeology: Collaborative Approaches Towards Understanding Our Past


Plains Cree Pipe Ceremony Protocol

There will be pipe cermonies taking place at the SAPA workshop (Jan. 25-26, 2013) on Friday morning and Saturday afternoon. We ask that you are aware of the following protocols and abide by them out of respect for the Eldes and Pipe Carriers.

Tobacco and Prayer Cloths will be given to the Elders and Piper Carriers by SAPA for the blessing of the gathering. You are welcome to make your own tobacco offering, but please arrive early to do so before the ceremony begins. Please arrive on time, as the doors will be closed once the ceremony begins.

Everyone should remove their hats, eye glasses, and metal jewelry while smudging and particpating in the Pipe Ceremony, We ask that you remain silent and refrain from visiting and conversations while the Pipe Ceremony is underway. Once the ceremony is over, it is customary to shake hands with other participants before leaving.

The Pipe Carrier will sit on the north side of the circle facing south. Males sit in the circle to the left of the Pipe Carrier. Females sit in the circle to the right of the Pipe Carrier. Please ensure there is an opening in the south part of the circle.

Females: Females are asked to wear a long skirt and/or wrap a blanket around their legs during the Pipe Ceremony. As well it is customary for females to sit with their legs draped to one side. They should not sit cross-legged.

Moon Time: In Aboriginal tradition, women are considered spiritually powerful during their Moon Time (menstruation), and therefore, do not actively participate in ceremonies. Everyone is welcome to watch and listen, but we ask that women on their Moon Time refrain from sitting in the circle and participating out of respect for the customs and traditions of the Pipe Ceremony.