SAPA Archaeological Map

SAPA is proud to announce the completion of its Centennial project, A Map of Saskchewan Archaeology! The map was created to increase public awareness about archaeology in the province and to promote cultural and heritage tourism. The eye-catching Saskatchewan map is an excellent educational tool and the map is a great addition to any classroom.

The map is 24 x 36 inches, double-sided and in full color. It is available folded (like a road map) for easy travelling, or unfolded, for those interested as hanging it as a poster. And both versions are reasonably priced at $2.50 per copy!

Side A

Contains FAQ on Saskatchewan archaeology, a summary of the last 12,000 years of Saskatchewan history (according to archaeologists), a First Nations perspective on archaeology and a glossary of terms. There is also information on how to get involved with Saskatchewan archaeology - maybe you'll even go on a dig!

Side B

Features a stunningly detailed, three-dimensional map of the Saskatchewan landscape, overlayed with all of 20,000 archaeological sites recorded in the province! There is also a list of archaeological sites and museums recommended for public tours. Details about each location are provided, along with a contact number so you can start your own archaeology tour.

To pick up your own copy, please visit one of the following locations:

Book and Briar Patch (Regina)
Bouguinerie Gravel Book Store (Gravelbourg)
Chapters Regina (Regina)
Mirror Magic (Morse)
Royal Saskatchewan Museum (Regina)
Saskatchewan Archaeological Society (Saskatoon)
Tourism Saskatchewan (Regina and Saskatoon offices)
Tourism Prince Albert and Prince Albert R.I.D.A (Prince Albert)
Western Heritage Services Inc. (Saskatoon)

Did you know that about 300 new archaeological sites are found each year in Saskatchewan?