2013 SAPA Workshop

First Nations, Métis and Archaeology: Collaborative Approaches Towards Understanding Our Past


Schedule of Events*

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

6:30-9:00pm - Welcome Reception at The Archaeology Centre (#1-1730 Quebec Avenue, Saskatoon, SK)

Friday, January 25th, 2013
All Friday and Saturday events are being held at Wanuskewin Heritage Park
8:00am - Pipe Ceremony (Multipurpose Room)
**Please click here for Pipe Ceremony Protocol

9:00am - Opening Remarks - Riel Cloutier (SAPA President)
Paskwaw-South Room

9:15am - Ernie Walker (University of Saskatchewan)
The Wanuskewin Chronicles: A Historical Look at the Development of Wanuskewin Heritage Park

9:45am - Nathan Friesen (Heritage Conservation Branch (HCB)) and Lisa Hein (Stantec Consulting Ltd.)
Current Archaeological Practices and Policy in the Province of Saskatchewan

10:15am - Refreshment Break

10:30am - Nathan Friesen (HCB) and Wayne McArthur (Pheasant Rump Nakota First Nation)
The Pheasant Rump Nakota Archaeological Inventory Project: A First Nation Community Project

11:15am - Bryan Lee (Métis Nation Local #108) and Patrick Young (Golder Associates)
The Métis Community of Fish Lake: A Provincial Heritage Property

12:00pm - Lunch (provided)

1:00pm - Henry Skywater (Birdtail Sioux First Nation)

1:30pm - Carrie Dunn (TERA Environmental Consultants)
Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Traditional Land Use: The Benefits of Aboriginal Engagement

2:00pm - Brian Scribe (Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations)
The Realities of Our Relationship

2:30pm - Refreshment Break

3:00pm - Butch Amundson (Stantec Consulting Ltd.), Richard John (One Arrow First Nation) and Jerry Prosper (One Arrow First Nation)
Traditional Spiritualism, Oral History, Archives and Archaeology: The Search for the Site Where Treaty Number Six was Signed

3:45pm - Jack Brink (Royal Alberta Museum)
Non-regulatory Archaeology and Collaboration between First Nations/Métis and the Archaeology Community

4:15pm - Rodger Ross (Creerunner Communications Ltd.)

4:45pm - Closing Remarks

Friday Evening Program
5:30pm - Social Time (non-alcoholic beverages will be available) Paskwaw South Room

6:00pm - Banquet: Classic Bison Buffet
Slow roasted, hand carved, Saskatchewan bison, accompanied by chicken amomay (honey-glazed). Sides include oven roasted herbed potatoes, steamed vegetables, salads, bannock, dessert, tea and coffee. A vegetarian option is available upon advance request.

7:00pm - Keynote Address - Dr. Eldon Yellowhorn (Simon Fraser University)
The Archaeology of Blackfoot Thought
Ethnographic literature from the early 20th century fabricated a standard narrative that the ancestors of Blackfoot people lived in the forested lands around the Great Lakes and moved onto the northern plains c. 1792. Subsequently, ethnohistorians recycled this date and did not question its veracity. Combining my interest in Blackfoot oral narratives with my training in archaeology has led me to reject this interpretation of our ancient history. Instead my own research leads me to the conclusion that the roots of Blackfoot culture have great time depth on the northern plains because the elements of specific customs and old stories are visible in the archaeological record. I explore the archaeology of Blackfoot thought to construct an alternative history that strives to develop a chronological order to our mythology.

Saturday, January 26th, 2013
8:45am - Opening Remarks - Paskwaw South Room

9:00am - Evelyn Siegfried (Royal Saskatchewan Museum)
The Care, Management and Repatriation of Sacred and Ceremonial Objects at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum

9:30am - Shabnam Inanloo Dailoo (Western Heritage)
Engaging Aboriginal Communities - Building Stronger Relationships in Practice Applying the Cultural Landscape Approach: Thunder Bay, Ontario

10:00am - Jason Gillespie (Ghostpine Environmental Services Ltd.)
Sopoyaapistsiyiita: Aboriginal Consultation and Archaeology in Western Canada

10:30am - Refreshment Break

10:45am - Kevin Brownlee (The Manitoba Museum)
Don't Let This Die with You, Make Sure You Pass This On To Others: Perspectives on First Nations Archaeology and Heritage

11:15am - Eldon Yellowhorn (Simon Fraser University)
Historical Archaeology and Piikani History

11:45am - Murray Lobb (AMEC Environment and Infrastructure)
Old Parr/Liten Mine: A Sharing of Ideas and Knowledge in Canada's Subarctic

12:15pm - Lunch (provided)

12:45pm - Round Table Discussions

2:30pm - Refreshment Break

2:45pm - Panel Discussion

3:45pm - Closing Remarks

4:00pm - Pipe Ceremony (Multipurpose Room)

*Schedule may be subject to minor changes to accomodate everyone participating in the ceremonies.